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Writing an Ejection Report

Please follow the guidance supplied in the document to the right to complete an Ejection Report.

Umpire NEWS!

IMPORTANT: Game Change Procedures (includes: Rain Outs, Time Change, and Venue Changes)

It is critical that the Coach or Team Manager of the Home Team contact the Umpire Allocator and/or Umpire in Chief  in the event of a rain out, time change, or venue change.

The earlier you can make the call the better. If we make the call on a rain-out less than 90 minutes before the scheduled game start time the umpire(s) will still receive pay for that game.

Umpire Allocator: Cheri Tubbs 604-542-0604  mctubbs[at]

Umpire in Chief:  

The Umpire Allocator (Cheri) will then contact:

  • Paddy McConville (Concession)  604-788-6787