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REQUIRED Code of Conducts Form for ALL PLAYERS

PLAYER Medical Forms

BC (Minor) Baseball Rulebook 2017

To the right you will find the new 2017 RuleBook. Within the rulebook, changes from the previous year are highlighted in Yellow for easy reference.

Finally, the  Non-Confrontational Rule (introduced in 2016)  is supplied with supporting Information.

It is recommended you download the PDFs to your phone for easy reference.

WRSSBA Player Catchment Boundaries

WRSSBA is governed by boundaries that are set out by BC (Minor) Baseball for most divisions, and Little League BC for 11/12 and Intermediate Little League Divisions. If you reside outside these boundaries then a release form will be required from your area's Association President and the WRSSBA President.

To the right you will find information regarding player catchment boundaries for BC Minor and (below) for Little League 11/12 and Intermediate Little League.

Player Development Information

This is where we will post documents & videos created by Player Development Coordinator, Jordan Broatch.

These document will be about specific player skills.

Until more documents and videos are posted here, players can refer to the Player Development section of the Coach Resources. These documents are targeted at coaches but still useful for players to reference directly.

News Articles for Players